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photo by Allen Lyons

“TRUE NORTH is a complete package. Their new CD gets you with inventive arrangements, great blending voices, and emotive lead singing. They don't swing to meet a standard, it happens organically with this group.” –Cedric Dent, formerly of Take 6

“Wow! The new TRUE NORTH CD is a sonic sorbet! Fresh and delicious topped off with an amazing Kelly Kunz mix. My new favorite playlist…enjoy!” –Roger Emerson, composer/arranger

“Listening to TRUE NORTH’s new release ‘Voyage’ is a testimonial (lest anyone think otherwise) that vocal jazz is very alive and very well. The vocalists contained herein are all so compelling individually that it makes the collective all the more rewarding…a superb voyage indeed.” –Peter Eldridge, New York Voices



"What a fantastic evening of vocal jazz harmony. It was a thrill to hear True North - Katie Campbell, who filled in for my partner Cheryl for a while, Sharmila G. Lash, Fletcher Sheridan and Matt Falker - down at the Blue Whale. Such tight modern harmonies and solid solos and improvisation from each vocalist. My pal Sammy Kestenholtz was his swinging self on drums and percussion. Keep your ear open for these folks on the rise."
–Alan Paul, The Manhattan Transfer (May 11, 2014)


"True North debuts in Little Tokyo"
"True North is a quartet of all killer, no filler vocal heavy hitters... Hearing this group, with its superb musicianship and stellar in-house arranging chops, one can’t help but think of the Transfer, who, along with New York Voices, keep the bar so high in this specific genre. True North is pointed firmly in the direction of these classic quartets. It was a pleasure to see them launch."
–Amy Engelhardt, vocalist/composer/educator
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"Tight harmonies and sass: True North at bluewhale"
"Tucked away in the corner of a large shopping center in the heart of Little Tokyo, the bluewhale bar provided a beautiful, artistic, and eclectic space for vocal jazz quartet, True North, on January 11, a chilly Monday night. Comprised of the brilliant vocals of soprano Katie Campbell, alto Sharmila G. Lash, tenor Fletcher Sheridan, and bass Matt Falker, the group has created a truly unique blend of elements drawn from a cappella music, contemporary jazz, and chamber music. The band that played alongside them for the evening (comprised of Josh Nelson on piano, Ron Suffredini on string/electric bass, and Sammy “K” Kestenholtz on drums) was the perfect complement to True North’s nuanced vocals, and added to the exhilarating musical synergy that was so present during their entire performance."
–by Lauren Michelle Hayes, soprano/voice teacher
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